The Costs of Swimming

Swimming can be an expensive sport, but we try to keep the costs down as much as possible. Most of the costs are up-front - so you don't need to worry about monthly fees or other costs popping up throughout the season.

Many of the items we offer to team members are optional - but we do recommend you at least have a decent practice suit (boys: nothing too baggy; girls: a one piece that crosses in the back) and a pair of googles (plan to pay at least $10). Other than that, it's up to you.

The Flying Fish is proud to be one of the most wallet-friendly teams in the River City Swim League - and with almost three whole months of daily swim instruction - it's a bargain that can't be beat!

Flying Fish Prices - 2018
Item Cost Item Cost
Registration $180 for the 1st swimmer
$160 for the 2nd swimmer
$140 each add'l
$75 per lesson session
Team Suit Girls:$58
Swim Caps 2 for $25 (personalized)
$10 each non-personalized
Team t-shirts Swimmers:$12
Non-swimmers: $15