Info for 6 & Under Parents

Little Girl

What we're teaching your children

Water Acclimation

  1. Entering and exiting the water safely
  2. Breath control (at the early stages, this is done through blowing bubbles and submersion)


  1. On the wall
  2. With a kickboard
  3. Without a kickboard

Freestyle Skills

  1. Front Glide (superman)
  2. Front glide with flutter kick - trying to get them to go a little further each time
  3. Freestyle arms (out of the water first, then in the water)
  4. Freestyle—trying to go a little further each time

Backstroke Skills

  1. Back float—independently or supported
  2. Back glide (back superman!)
  3. Back kick (with kickboard) or without kickboard if they can streamline
  4. Backstroke—go a little further each time

More Advanced Skills

  1. Freestyle with rhythmic breathing
  2. Swimming underwater with breaststroke arms (flutter kick is ok)
  3. Breaststroke kick
  4. Breaststroke
  5. Jellyfish float (survival float)
  6. Retrieve a submerged object from the pool bottom
  7. Dolphin kick
  8. Butterfly????

Our goal is to give your children a good foundation in swimming and to get them ready for a future of competitive swimming! At dual meets, there are two 6&under events: 25 free and 25 back. 6&unders can also participate in 8&under events (fly, breast, relays). The 6&under season ends with a championship meet at the end of July—where all of the 6&unders in River City Swim League come together. In order to participate in a meet, a swimmer must be able to swim the length of the pool unassisted. We will try to get your little swimmer to that point as soon as possible! Please remember though, that every child moves at his own pace, and some will be ready for swim meets before others. And that’s ALL OK!!!